Most Common Halloween Costumes


The Most Common Halloween Costumes of today are influenced by a very wide range of influences, movies (even series), take Money Heist for example. Ever since it aired the fans have been clamoring for the costumes.

The costume designer’s idea behind the Money Heist Costume was to create a costume to increase the enjoyment of the participants and the public. The idea was to create a costume that is so iconic that it will be hard to forget for the next 50 years or even more. The costume is very simple and it consists of a Salvador mask and a red jumpsuit with a hoodie.

It’s high time to be all asset-loaded up. Dress up as your favorite character from the Money Heist series and chase the characters in your favorite episode. So go for our clever jumpsuit that comes with a money bag. You won’t want to part with it!

Money Heist Cosplay Costume Set

Will you be a master of disguise, taking on the roles of more than 36 characters and making your way through a bank heist in a never-ending challenge where the greatest prizes are the biggest heist you can pull off?

If you’re looking for a high-quality mask and armor set for cosplay, then the Money Heist is one of the perfect and Most Common Halloween Costumes sets for you. Trick or Treat for your favorite spooky club tonight with Money Heist’s signature Red Jumpsuit. This costume is made up of cotton fabric along with a soft inner viscose layer. It comes in a jumpsuit style and has a hooded collar.

Designed with your convenience in mind, the mask is lightweight and the black vest body armor includes a built-in belt and shoulder pads for your convenience to help you stay comfortable and look professional.


Money Heist Halloween Costume

Money Heist Cosplay Costume Complete Set

Money Heist Red Jumpsuit for Men

Men who pledge allegiance to the cause of revolution without hesitation and with absolute devotion, Money Heist Costume Set is the ultimate choice for your fearsome cosplay outfit inspired by the larcenous break-in that holds the entire riches of some of the most significant financial institutions in the world.

Money Heist Halloween Costume

Money Heist Halloween Costume For Adults

Money Heist Red Jumpsuit for Women

Whether it’s a cosplay or not, you’ll love this costume for any of your female interpretations of Nairobi and Tokyo. Our Money Heist Red Jumpsuit for Women does not disappoint!

The Women’s Money Heist Red Jumpsuit has the look you need for your Halloween Candy. The Matching Hat in the same style as the Jumpsuit will be the final touch to your costume.

Money Heist Red Jumpsuit for Kids

If you are looking for a costume for your kids this Halloween which will also be guaranteed to put a smile on your face, then look no further than the Money Heist Red Jumpsuit for kids. The Money Heist red jumpsuit is a unique outfit that is great for any party or event you are attending or organizing. Manufactured with full zip and a red light-reflecting stripe on the middle of the outfit the red jumpsuit is professional and stylish.

Money Heist Halloween Costume

Money Heist Halloween Costume For Kids

Money Heist Face Mask Salvador Dali

We obsess about disguises and being covert. But what about when you want to preserve your anonymity and ensure no one is hunting for you? Enter the Money Heist Salvador Dali’s mask with adjustable head straps. From the moment you slip it on your face, you start to blend in with the crowd. It features a PVC backing to prevent breathing through the mask and to ensure maximum comfort for prolonged wear. Remember, anonymity is priceless.

What seems like a face mask depicting Salvador Dali’s famous painting Money Heist. It is a one size fits all item and is a comfortable collaboration of materials and wearable with a comfortable and neater mouth making this a piece that you cannot leave behind when you enter the nightlife.

Wrap Up

For a unique costume, get yourself into one of the Most Common Halloween Costumes such as the Money Heist jumpsuit by Money Heist Costumes. To help you get into the character, we have plenty of masks and other gears from the breakout series.

Money Heist Costumes was launched due to the high demand for something new in the costume-making industry, affordable and quality costumes at a fast turnaround. Soon enough, with so many bargain-hungry customers flocking to our website, we were able to recognize the demand for costumes in different shapes and sizes across the globe.

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