About Money Heist Costume Shop

Money Heist Costume Shop is an online costume and accessory destination that’s filled with killer finds at the most affordable prices. We’re inspired by the TV thriller, “Money Heist.” The series follows the journeys of the 12 strangers who have been drawn together by happenstance and their mutual dislike of the status quo. They plan to get away scot-free with no time limit for catching them before they spend all their loot. We have everything you need to ramp up your look for Halloween, carnivals, or any other costume event you may want.

Money Heist Costume Shop was launched due to the high demand for something new in the costume-making industry, affordable and quality costumes at a fast turnaround. Soon enough, with so many bargain-hungry customers flocking to our website, we were able to recognize the demand for costumes in different shapes and sizes across the globe.

From the character’s most famous jackets to the iconic Salvador Dali costume to accessories, we have everything to complete our customer’s looks. We provide everything you need to make your outfit unforgettable.
We work in partnership with the best brands to deliver nothing but the finest costumes. That’s why our promise to you is that we’ll bring you quality outfits of all styles and sizes.

We stock high-quality, inexpensive costumes at all budget levels, and we offer exclusive discounts all year round. This year, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on a costume. With the Money Heist Costume, you can choose an inexpensive costume or get one customized for an elegant look that’ll stand out in the crowd.

Money Heists Costumes on Wholesale

Money Heists is an online costume store for your all-year-round costume needs. Our company’s mission is to provide party organizers, retailers, and general consumers with the finest costumes at the most competitive prices conceivable. In addition to our house brand, we carry quality costumes from wholesale sources all over the world.
With our 50+ designer departments and 200+ product assortment, we strive to be your one-stop shop with unbeatable customer service and an easy shipping process. We have been based on quality and service ever since we opened our doors.

We offer both wholesale and on-demand bulk costumes, which help keep individuals, small retailers, and event planners in mind. Please write to us at wholesale@moneyheistcostume.com to get the costumes in large quantities.